Cat Spindle Grinding Service and Repair

CATT Spindle Grinding Service

             Specialists in on-site precision spindle

                     taper repair and restoration.

            Serving the entire USA and Mexico

We repair your spindle taper seat while the spindle                             remains in the machine.

    Saving you and your company both time and money.

            Spindle Grinding

Long term wear can create a loss of as much as 50% or more surface contact between the tool holder and the spindle taper.

With precision equipment and over 24 years of machining experience, we will come to your shop and repair you're worn , wrecked, or crashed spindle taper seat. With CATT Spindle Grinding  Service, there's minimum machine tear down and regrind only requires a few hours down time.


Machine alignments are not affected by in place grinding and tolerances are held within new spindle specifications.

Featured Testimonial

“I have dealt with Catt Spindle Grinding Service for about 2 1/2 years. In that time I have found their service to be prompt, professional, and very high quality. I would recommend this company for all grinding needs.”

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